If you are a business looking to boost apprenticeship commencement during the signup of your new apprentice training you might need assistance with the application during the sign up. If you are looking for complete information for registering for the subsidy you may need to visit the department of education skills and Employment website. Also you would need to lodge your claim and have all the evidence which is required while lodging it.


Employer incentives and subsidies

After you have employed the apprentices or trainees you are eligible for getting financial support to reduce their cost of training and supervising throughout their employment in your organisation. You can claim for financial support as a one off incentive payment or you might want to consider getting subsidies for wages and training. Workers can also be given discounts as a compensation for exemptions from payroll taxes.

However it should be kept in mind that any support payment which you would receive will not be covering the full cost of employing an apprentice trainee. However you may be eligible for more than one kind of the above mentioned payments.

There are businesses who might be eligible for financial assistance from the Australian government in order to hire and train you are apprentices or trainees. For a one off payment the government can pay around $20,000, however the employers need to meet and eligibility criteria like someone who hires eligible unemployed job seekers.

However it is more common to get training subsidies in which the government would be paying a contribution to the cost of the training for apprenticeships available in Perth and traineeship qualifications. The subsidies are usually paid to the eligible skills assure supplier. These kinds of training subsidies are usually given for trainees who are under the age of 25 and are working through only pre approved training organisations.

Employees can also get discounts for up to 26 km road and rail travel and $36 per night for accommodation. In order to get this kind of discount it is important that the trainees are registered and they meet a specific criteria which means that they should be residing more than hundred kilometres away from their approved training organisation.

Tax exemptions can also be given in which a 50% rebate on payroll taxes are given to the trainees. Make sure you have a detailed talk to get an idea of whether you are eligible to get the tax exemption for your employees.

Last but not the least the subsidy on the incentives has different payment condition and amount as well as frequencies. It is therefore important that you have an idea regarding which program you are eligible for. Make sure you have a detailed talk with the staff at the funded activities agreement to get an idea of whether you would be approved for funding and once you have been approved you can directly apply for the subsidies across accredited training programs and non accredited activities as well.